Melvin Turner is a talented singer, songwriter, and recording artist from the UK. His music can easily be described as a hybrid of contemporary RnB/Pop/Afrobeat, that strikes a balance between being quite poignant while also being anthemic.

Melvin's unique tone and vocal range fuse together for a rich ability, that allows him to manoeuvre through different genres with ease executing the delivery and performance on each record. 

Melvin displays his versatility within his song writing, communicating the concept of the record that easily connects with the audience. He captures the true essence of a singer-songwriter with his own sound.


"I think my music is always evolving and I am at a stage where my songs have elements of different genres and I think that is a good thing. I listen to all types of music and and that reflects in the records I release. It all works in aid of my goal, which is to create, inspire, repeat"